Our Services

Our billing and operational teams specialize in the rehabilitation industry and work with your practice to ensure you achieve the most effective results in managing your business. We collectively work with you in linking your business and growth with higher standards of health care.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive services to manage your entire billing process
  • A complete administrative EMR software program specific to the rehab industry (PT, OT, and ST) that offers electronic documentation and scheduling
  • Business consulting to assist in maximizing your growth and revenue

TPC utilizes the latest in software technology in offering two uniquely distinct alternatives to our clients.

Traditional Billing

You provide us with the proper documentation and patient information via email or fax. Our teams of certified healthcare billing and coding professionals take over in performing various tasks including:

  • data entry and claim generation
  • electronic or paper filing of the primary and secondary claim
  • posting of payments and prompt follow up on claims
  • mailing of patient statements
  • responding to patient billing inquiries via phone or email
  • any and all other miscellaneous details involved in the billing process up through payment to provider and beyond

Progressive Management Services

We furnish you with electronic documentation and scheduling software in addition to providing our Traditional Billing Services.

Should you wish to eventually transition from Traditional to Progressive services, we can certainly accommodate this conversion seamlessly.

In either of the above scenarios, we will compile and provide you with vital information and records that will assist you in managing an efficient, effective and productive physical therapy practice.