Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are associated with your services?

Each client has different needs and therefore our fees vary. Our streamlined operations allow us to be extremely competitive while simultaneously offering the best in service and software. For specific pricing, please contact our sales department at 888.952.4TPC or via email:

What is the time frame for getting started?

An ideal lead time for Traditional clients is 1-2 weeks and for Progressive clients, 3-4 weeks. If your timing is critical, it is possible to become fully operational within a matter of days. We can accommodate each client according to their needs.

What does it take to get started?

A few simple steps. To begin, our Client Relations department will gather pertinent information from you regarding your practice such as provider numbers, insurance plan agreements, etc. We will then create your database and file the appropriate documentation. Whenever possible, we attempt to capture your existing patient data information, accomplished via a file export from your current billing system in MS Excel, simple text files or various other formats.

How does your billing process work?

We begin with data entry and generate claims which are filed electronically when possible. In most cases, claims will be filed within 24 hours. We then follow through to the resolution of that claim until our clients are paid. Please refer to our ‘Services’ page to review a more comprehensive and detailed explanation of Traditional vs. Progressive client models

What do I do about my old or existing A/R?

We will evaluate and review your old A/R and make prudent recommendations on how it should be handled moving forward.

Why does The Provider Connection consider itself a ‘management resource’?

We have the ability to assist our clients with the overall management of their clinic.

Our billing software generates reports that allow you to stay on top of all operational functions including individual therapist productivity, growth trends, revenue generation, patient statistics and much more.

Our billing professionals will review charges on a daily basis and take a consultative role in providing feedback on billing processes and changes in regulations and laws that may affect each provider.

We have an organizational behavioral consultant on staff to analyze your current situation, ask the hard questions and then formulate an action plan to assist you in attaining the vision you have for your clinic.

Is there a need for billing or software training?

Our Progressive clients will require several hours of training for the scheduling and electronic documentation software. Otherwise, no other training is necessary beyond a general knowledge of the billing process.

What do I do if I have questions regarding my account?

Each client is assigned an account manager who will be responsible for communicating with you on a regular basis. You will always have one primary contact that is available at all times via phone, email or fax.

Does someone from The Provider Connection come to our offices to get us started?

In most cases, it is not necessary for someone from TPC to visit your clinic. However, if the need arises, we will gladly make arrangements to be on-site for training, billing assistance or requested consulting services.

Why would I want to outsource my billing?

To achieve greater growth and revenue for your practice.

Proper follow up on claims submitted with insurance companies and individual patients is an area often disregarded and overlooked by many clinics; it is a complicated process. Our staff is quite experienced in this area and the results we attain are far greater than the national average collection rate (approximately 75%) of charges. This results in an increased overall collection rate for our clients which in turn enhance their bottom line profit.

We will be pleased to provide you with a financial analysis of your practice that will help you to determine if we can make a difference.

What makes The Provider Connection unique?

We specialize in billing services exclusively for physical therapy and related professions.

We offer rehabilitation-specific electronic documentation and scheduling software to our clients.

Our client-centric approach allows us to customize programs and reports based on your needs. We take pride in working together with you to accomplish your ultimate goals.